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  Posted on: Wednesday, January 29, 2020
THC Infused Dental Pick Info Bulletin
Source: The National Marijuana Initiative
THC infused Dental Picks 
(U/OS) The product is marketed under the trade name of Moon Picks™. The product is sold as a wooden “dental pick” that has been saturated with a choice of THC, CBD or a non-marijuana based product, called “XERO”, to help address the condition of “dry mouth”. The saturation process is one that can be easily done commercially or even at home by individuals.

(U) The home process involves submerging regular wooden toothpicks in a closed container with a a THC or CBD infused edible oil (e.g. Olive or Canola oil). Also several drops of an “essential oil” of choice is added to the oil for flavoring.  Essential oils will impart the flavor and fragrance of the plant or fruit they have been extracted from. (e.g. Orange, Peppermint, Lemons, or Cinnamon) The toothpicks are allowed to soak in the infused oil until fully saturated; approximately 12 - 24 hours.
(U/OS) The wooden pick is placed in the mouth until moistened by saliva and then lightly chewed.  There the active ingredient of choice (THC or CBD) is released from the wood, absorbed into the body through the buccal tissues in the oral cavity and then into the bloodstream. The full onset effects for THC will be felt within 45 minutes; CBD products have a similar pattern of onset. 

(U/OS)  The Moon Picks™ themselves are made of North American White Birchwood, resemble a small chopstick or pencil and are offered in a variety of ?avors. These include Tropical Mint, Cinna-Mint, Churro, Caramel Apple and a selection citrus flavors.
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